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Terra Firma Tackle LBSF Anchors / Spider Weights

Terra Firma Tackle LBSF Anchors / Spider Weights


The heavy gauge aluminum legs on these anchors will hold bottom in extreme current but will bend straight when its time to retrieve! No more dragging in those 1/8" stainless legged weights! These aluminum legs are almost three times as thick, that's alot more holding power in a lot easier to use configurations

Spider Weight


- Aluminum Legs for Easy Retrieval

- Customizable Leg Shapes for Weaker or Stronger Holds

Available in 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, 32oz, and 48oz for a variety of applications.


- Try the 4oz version for casting or pin rigging!
- Try the 8oz version for drone fishing or extreme casting situations!

- Try the 32oz and 48oz versions for heavy current or deep water situations

- In certain applications the 48oz version may work instead of a break-away weight on the LBSF Float Rig Kit also available from Terra Firma Tackle

- Play around with shaping the legs: Shallow angles close to the body of the sinker will hold bottom better but be harder to retrieve while wide spread legs will have a weaker hold but be easier to reel in